Our business venture originated and continued to grow as a result of our valued client base and continued recommendations. “Dustless” sanding being a major “plus point” concerning our domestic customers.


Whilst providing a high quality service to the retail industry including vacated offices and factories it is paramount to consider effective time management skills along with budgetary constraints

Spray Painting

We can carry out large commercial jobs with the assistance of our tritech t5 airless unit without the “mess” that people associate with spraying but also on smaller domestic jobs for customers after that flawless finish

New Housing

We have carried out various new builds throughout the last 10 years from 2 bed starter homes to luxury 5 bed houses and have good working relationships with all clients


Fire or Flood damage? We have the knowledge and skills to undertake any given tasks, whilst also working in partnership with other trades if required to do so and taking the stress away from you.


Bringing back derelict buildings to their former glory